10 Kasım 2012 Cumartesi

Bank Holidays 2013

Next year will feature eight national holidays, one less than this year, according to the work schedule prepared by the Directorate General for Employment, which today published the Official Gazette (BOE).

Of the festivities, half fall weekdays (January 1, May 1, August 15 and December 25), while the rest of the days will be playing on Friday or even Saturday, as will 12 October. The Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, said yesterday that the Ministry of Employment continues to negotiate with the Episcopal Conference, as well as with regional governments and the social partners (employers and unions), to move to Mondays certain religious holidays to avoid the bridges and increase business productivity.

 Bank Holidays 2013 January 1: New Year (Tuesday). March 29: Good Friday. May 1: Labour Day (Wednesday). August 15: Assumption (Thursday). October 12: National Day of Spain (Saturday). November 1: All Saints Day (Friday). 6 December: Constitution Day (Friday). December 25: Christmas Day (Wednesday). Jobs confirms that the transfer of the bridges will be applied in 2014 The Director General of Employment, Xavier Thibault, expected to close before year-end negotiations with the Episcopal Conference and the regional governments to move three national holidays on Mondays, which will begin in 2014. Thibault explained that the transfer of the three festivals (August 15, the day of the Assumption of the Virgin, on November 1, All Saints Day, and December 6, Constitution Day) requires "more possible consensus "with the victims, so the Ministry of Labour has sat down to negotiate with the Church and the CCAA. However, the goal is to reach an agreement before the end of the year to undertake after the legislative changes required, involving changes to the Workers' Statute and Royal Decree 2001/1983 on the regulation of working hours, days and special breaks.

Therefore, the Ministry of Labour said that the effects of the agreement will be implemented in 2014.